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Known problems

The list of known problems (on 15 July 2013) is:

  1. developers of Tcl/Tk found out in May 2011 that the Tk raise command to raise a window may not work as expected in some situations. As its behaviour depends on the operating system graphics support and on the window manager there is no solution they can offer. GPSMan uses this command to present pop-up windows, in particular those asking for a confirmation or an answer and that must be attended to by the user before execution goes on. This means that when GPSMan seems to block and does not answer the user should check whether there is such a window hidden below other ones and waiting for some input.

  2. GPSMan blocks or gives strange error messages when trying to connect to a Garmin receiver that has been turned off but still answers to a product information request command.

  3. in Linux the Tcl/Tk error couldn't load file "/usr/lib/", cannot open shared object file usually means that the gpsmanshp library was not correctly installed.

  4. GPSMan support for Garmin receivers may need to convert between bytes and floating point numbers. Tcl/Tk has no machine-independent way to do these conversions and GPSMan only implements them for little- or big-endian architectures that follow the IEEE floating point standard. Some Garmin receivers do not use protocols having floating point numbers and are not affected by this.

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