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A few crucial parameters should be configured in the GPSMan main file gpsman.tcl. Default values for user options are set in the file config.tcl but as they are overwritten by the values in the preferences file they are more conveniently changed when running the program.

GPSMan needs a user directory that will contain the users preferences file and other data, and a user temporary directory. The paths to these directories and the name of the preferences file are given at the beginning of gpsman.tcl. When GPSMan is launched and does not find the user or the temporary directories, it attempts to create them and if this fails asks for them to be created and leaves. If the preferences file does not exist, it forces it to be created.

All the temporary directory files will be deleted when GPSMan starts up. This means that problems may occur if GPSMan is launched when it is already running and using temporary files.

Users wanting to load their own Tcl/Tk code (at their own risk!) can do so by putting it in a file named patch.tcl in the GPSMan user directory. This file will be loaded immediately after all the GPSMan source files.

If GPSMan has been installed from the Debian or other Linux/Unix distribution packages no changes are mandatory. Otherwise, on Unix systems the information on the program source files directory, user directory and default preferences file must be correctly set. A default serial port device can be defined and will be used if no argument is passed to the main program.

On other systems the same applies to the information on the serial port.

Parameters that should be configured in gpsman.tcl are:

The following list gives a description of all the options that can be configured in the file config.tcl:

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Using GPSMan in graphical modeTopProgramsConfiguration