Basic conceptsUsing GPSMan in graphical modeLaunching GPSMan

Launching GPSMan

If GPSMan was installed from a Debian or RPM package, just call gpsman from a shell or from the applications menu of the window manager (if it was set up by the package installation program).

When using a command line, like the Unix/Linux shell, call gpsman.tcl or use the shell (it must be configured first).

In this situation there could be a single argument with the path to the serial or USB port device, or the call has the form
gpsman [OPTIONS] start travel [INTERVAL]
that will be parsed as if in command-line mode, but then launches the graphical interface (this will only work with Garmin receivers).

In the case of a single argument, a USB port device can be given with the prefix usb=, as in usb=/dev/ttyUSB0, to enforce the use of the Garmin USB protocol when this is not the default protocol.

In other systems, execute gpsman.tcl with the Tcl/Tk wish program.

GPSMan User Manual
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Basic conceptsUsing GPSMan in graphical modeLaunching GPSMan