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Laps are only supported for Garmin receivers (most of which do not use them) and if the corresponding option (under receiver parameters) is selected. Laps have a time-stamp for its start, a duration, the total distance, the calories spent, the start and stop positions, and an associated track. The only fields that can be edited are the remark, the position format and the datum.Further information is computed by GPSMan, namely the time-stamp for the end point and the average speed.

Some of these fields may be undefined and will be left blank. The associated track is only meaningful if its number is less than 223. In this case and if there is a track in the current data-base whose name is that number, it is possible to display the track on the map from the lap window.

Laps are identified by the start time formatted according to the current date format. These names must be unique, implying that two laps cannot have the same start time. Even if in a session the date format changes and laps with the same start time are saved to a file, loading the file in a different session will result in all but the last such lap to be available.

When getting laps from the receiver, laps will be aggregated in runs. For each run a group is created. Runs are computed as follows: from the sequence of laps sorted by increasing start time, a run is built for the first laps until and including a lap either having a track number less than 225, or being the last in the sequence and having a track number equal to 255; the same process is then applied to the rest of the sequence.

As laps are loaded only if the support for laps is active, some care should be taken to avoid loss of data. For instance, laps data will be lost if one loads a file having laps when laps are not supported and saves the current data-base under the same file name.

The list of laps is sorted in reverse chronological order (more recent lap at the top).

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GroupsUsing GPSMan in graphical modePolylinesLaps