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GPSMan Symbols

GPSMan defines a set of symbols for waypoints that is described below under four categories (not mutually exclusive): general use, land, water, and aviation. This set is based on the symbols described in the "Garmin GPS Interface Specification" (Revision A), but extends it, including, for instance, the symbols used by Lowrance receivers (contributed by Brian Baulch). The GIF files for these symbols provided in the distribution were produced expressly for use with GPSMan, with some by Brian Baulch and Robert Joop. It is recognized that both these images and the set of symbols can be improved and any help will be appreciated.

 As the set of symbols is large and some symbols may be of no use with the receiver a custom symbol menu can be created and edited. There is an entry for this in the Definitions menu-button. A description of the custom menu is automatically saved in a file in the GPSMan user directory, and will be loaded when GPSMan is started.

Category: General use

Danger     Skull     Bell
Flag Flag pin, blue Flag pin, green Flag pin, red
Trace-back Dollar
(transparent) (void)
Ball Dot Mark, x Circled X
Diamond, blue Diamond, green Diamond, red
Square, blue Square, green Square, red
Box, blue Box, green Box, red
Pin, blue Pin, green Pin, red
Circle, blue Circle, green Circle, red
Block, red Block, green Block, blue
Triangle, blue Triangle, green Triangle, red
A, red B, red C, red D, red
A, green C, green B, green D, green
A, blue B, blue C, blue D, blue
0, red 1, red 2, red 3, red
4, red 5, red 6, red 7, red
8, red 9, red
0, green 1, green 2, green 3, green
4, green 5, green 6, green 7, green
8, green 9, green
0, blue 1, blue 2, blue 3, blue
4, blue 5, blue 6, blue 7, blue
8, blue 9, blue
Smiley Ball cap Big ear Spike
Goatee Afro Dreads
Female 1 Female 2 Female 3
Ranger Kung fu Sumo Pirate
Biker Alien
Bug Cat Dog Pig

Category: Land

First aid     Info       
City, small City, medium City, large City, star
Car Rent-a-car Car repair Tow truck
WC House Building Pharmacy
Phone Post-office Police Water hydrant
Tunnel Bridge Dam Levee
Mountains Elevation Summit
Ladder Trail head Tracks Many tracks
Deer Duck Fish Fish bank
Tree Parking Lodging Park
Castle Monument Church Chapel
Cemetery Museum Theater Casino
Zoo Scenic Airport Mine
Oil field
Food Fast food Mug Pizza
Movie School Shopping Store
Stadium Amusement park Beach Swimming
Showers Skiing Golf Bowling
Snow skiing Ice skating Fitness Picnic
Camp site Drinking water Geocache Geocache found
Recreational Vehicle park Fuel Fuel & store
Horn Exit Exit, no services Exit no serv large
Mile marker Border Toll
Freeway National highway Highway State highway
US highway Street intersection Ramp intersection Ramp int. large
Truck stop Weight station
Parachute Glider Ultralight Tower, tall
Tower, short Take-off Landing
Geo name, land Geo name, man-made Geo name, water
Civil location Military location

Category: Water

Anchor Fuel
Boat    Boat ramp     Fish     Fish bank
Light Man over board Beach Swimming
Wreck Dam Mile marker Radio beacon
Buoy, white Buoy, amber Buoy, black Buoy, blue
Buoy, green Buoy, green red Buoy, green white Buoy, orange
Buoy, red Buoy, red green Buoy, red white Buoy, violet
Buoy, white Buoy, white green Buoy, white red
Diver down 1 Diver down 2 Stump
Open 24 hours Fishing Hot Spots(TM) facility
Bottom conditions Tide/current pred station Anchor prohibited
Beacon Coast guard Reef Weedbed
Dropoff Dock Marina Bait and tackle

Category: Aviation

Airport     Heliport     Private field    
Seaplane base Soft field Landing Take-off
Radio beacon Danger (avn)
1st approach fix Localizer outer marker
Missed approach point ND beacon
Controlled Area Restricted Area Intersection
Parachute Glider Ultralight
Tower, tall Tower, short

GPSMan User Manual
Copyright 1998-2013 Miguel Filgueiras,

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GPSMan User Manual and the GPSMan logo images by Miguel Filgueiras are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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