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The show WHAT Command

This command sends help information to the standard output according to its argument, one of: datums, formats, help, projections, protocols, symbols, transfs.

show datums prints the names of, and existing comments on the available datums.

show formats prints a table of the data file formats known to GPSMan and that can be used in other commands. An partial example of output is

BGA:    Read     WP
EasyGPS:        Read     WP
Fugawi: Read     WP
GD2:    Read     WP RT TR
GPSMan: Read/Write       WP RT TR LN LAP GR Data
GPStrans:       Read/Write       WP RT TR
GPX:    Read/Write       WP RT TR Data
GTrackMaker:    Read     WP RT TR Data
IGC:    Read     TR
                alt     gps
Kismet: Read     WP
                group   0
KML:    Read     WP Data
        Write    WP RT TR Data

For each known format either there is an indication that the format is invalid (because, for instance, a library as missing or there is incompatibility with the receiver brand), or there is information on the possible read/write operations and item types which will be followed by "Data" if a file may contain items of different types. Parameters may appear followed by their default values if any.

show help prints the accepted commands and options.

show projections prints information on the available projections. For each projection there is the name to be used as argument to commands, a long name, and the list of accepted parameters. For each parameter the name to be used in a command, a type and a short explanation are given. An example of output is

Stereogr:       Stereographic
        lat0    (lat)   Lat of centre
        long0   (long)  Long of centre
        k0      (float>0)       Scale factor

meaning that the stereographic projection should be spelt Stereogr in commands, may have a datum=NAME parameter, and must have 3 other parameters under the names lat0, long0 and k0, respectively a latitude, a longitude and a positive floating-point number, standing for the coordinates of the centre of the projection and for the scale factor.

show protocols prints a list of known protocols that can be used with the -prot option. A possible list is

Garmin (Garmin)
Garmin_USB (Garmin)
NMEA (Garmin)
simul (Garmin)
SText (Garmin)

showing at the end the receiver brand with which they must be used.

show symbols prints for each waypoint symbol the name to be used in commands followed by the name in the user-selected language.

show transfs prints the list of available coordinates transformations with their names to be used in commands and longer names.

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The haslib CommandUsing GPSMan in Command-line ModeThe is connected CommandThe show WHAT Command