Using GPSMan in Command-line ModeThe source CommandThe exec Command

The exec Command

The exec command executes the GPSMan commands in the file whose path is given as argument:

exec PATH
Blank lines and lines whose first non-blank is "#" are discarded without further analysis. A "\" before the end of a line is taken as continuation line marker, but this may cause an error if there is an unmatched quote """.

The following commands are available for use in GPSMan scripts:

read data from a file; when used from the command line this command reads a data file and launches the graphical interface;
write data to a file;
read data from receiver;
write data to receiver.

Example: the following GPSMan script

  # WPs from the receiver to file in GPSMan format
getwrite WP GPSMan myWPs.gpsman
  # save them also in Shapefile format
write Shapefile dim=3 pformat=UTM datum="Datum 73" \
downloads the waypoints from the GPS receiver and writes them both to a GPSMan file and to a Shapefile.

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Using GPSMan in Command-line ModeThe source CommandThe exec Command