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Polylines have a datum and a position format for all its points, a colour and a width (in pixels) used in displaying it on the map.

A map background image name can be given for each polyline, so that when the polyline is displayed on the map window the named image is automatically loaded if the map is empty. See below for the details.

Changing the position format to grid coordinates may produce the following effects:

Each polyline point has a position and, possibly, its altitude in either metres or feet, depending on the existing option for this. A point can be changed by double-clicking on the corresponding line in the list of points of the polyline edit window.

A polyline can be subdivided into segments and the segments will be drawn unconnected when the polyline is displayed on the map. The first point always starts a segment, and any other point can be marked as a segment starter from the polyline edit window by using the mouse right-button on the last column of the points list.

A polyline can be created from a track : see above.

A polyline can be created by drawing on the map as explained below.

The edit window for polylines allows some operations on polylines that may be useful to clean uninteresting start or end parts, or to compose a single polyline from others. They are:

A polyline can be splitted by taking either each selected point or segment starter as the first point of a new line extending up to and excluding the next such point. Lines with at least two points obtained in this way are created, as well as a group with all of them. These new lines inherit the datum, the position format, segments (unless when splitting by segment starters), width, colour and map background of the original line. They and the new group get names generated automatically. The original line is not affected by this operation.

A polyline can be converted into a track from the polyline window, keeping the information on segments.

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LapsUsing GPSMan in graphical modeTracksPolylines