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Plug-in code and execution

Each plug-in definition has a list of alternating parameter names and Tcl expressions. Parameter names must be valid Tcl variable names and start with "_" (underscore). The expressions are evaluated in the context of the procedure that creates each plug-in widget (there may be more than one), and the resulting values togeteher with the parameter names are passed as optional arguments to the procedure PlugInExec used as call-back.

This procedure starts by setting up the plug-in parameters by assigning to each parameter name the corresponding value. If a name does not start with "_" (underscore) the procedure returns after issuing an error message. Otherwise the plug-in code is executed by using Tcl eval.

This way of dealing with parameters makes it possible for the plug-in code to access variables in the procedures that create the widgets thus avoiding the need to recompute information that is available there. The plug-in code may, of course, access global variables by declaring them as such. It should refrain to set global variables and in order to avoid clashes with GPSMan procedures and local variables of the call-back procedure it should use names starting by "_" (underscore) if procedures or local variables are defined.

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Pre-defined plug-insExtending GPSMan: Plug-insPlug-in widgetsPlug-in code and execution