Extending GPSMan: Plug-insPlug-in code and executionPre-defined plug-ins

Pre-defined plug-ins

The definitions of plug-ins that are part of the GPSMan distribution can be found as elements of the array PLUGIN initialised in the file plugins.tcl. The following conventions should be observed when creating a new pre-defined plug-in:

  1. each element of PLUGIN is a list with the remark, the not-available condition, the code and the list describing widgets.
  2. the unique name and the remark should be elements of the TXT array, in order to be translated to the user selected language.
  3. when the code is large it should be replaced by a call to a procedure whose arguments are the plug-in parameters.
  4. procedures needed by plug-ins should have names starting with PCode_ and their definitions should appear at the end of the plugins.tcl.

The pre-defined plug-ins can also be inspected from the Definitions menu-button along with the user-defined ones.

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Extending GPSMan: Plug-insPlug-in code and executionPre-defined plug-ins